" Digital Craftsmen, in an ever changing creative landscape.  "





Our team is composed of highly skilled digital craftsmen, dedicated to creating enjoyable media.  Our extensive industry experience, has rewarded us with the technical and creative wisdom to help you find the best medium for your artistic expression.



Currently we are developing several original scripts. Productions start in beautiful international locations later this summer.


So many great stories and scenes float by in the creative consciousness. We do our best to trap the best of them in pages and prep them for screen.



Produce the content worth creating. Assembling teams of highly skilled artists and storytellers, we aim to create content that speaks to emotion.


Never before has there been so many options for media to make its way to audiences. It is important to find the right marketplaces to reach maximum worldwide exposure.


Every artistic endeavour presents its own unique rewards and challenges. It is important that we learn from every experience and apply that knowledge moving forward.


" Interesting Collaborations and exciting opportunitys "



2016                    Chapeau FX

Dopamine lends a hand to Chapeau FX. Creating Previz for Nutella and Apple projects.

2016                    Big Block   

We throw Big Block Los Angeles an assist.

2017                    Ready Player One                    

The studio creates final sculpts for Aaron Sims. Happy to help under such tight deadlines.

2017                    Lost in Space

Dopamine wraps a long and exciting journey with Legendary Pictures and Netflix. We are honored to have contributed so much to the show on so many core levels. Starting very early on in the process, we were able to create shot, set, and creature design. Our work helped to define landscapes, environments, and creatures from alien worlds.

Continuing forward we created exciting Previz sequences and Edits for an entire season. We also developed the “Hero” creatures from concept to final sculpt. Live concept, sculpting sessions with “The Robb” makes for an amazing end result.

The latest Lost in Space Trailer brought to you buy NETFLIX